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About Turkey Tail

This mushroom is called Turkey Tail because its shape and multiple colors are similar to those of a wild turkey. It was also called the grass of the realm of heaven. Turkey Tail grows on rotting trunks in mild climatic zones in Europe, Asia and Northern America.In China, it was a highly valued medicine in the Chinese court, especially for its vitalizing effects, since it positively affects both the body and the mind.

Traditional medicine believes that, thanks to the content of many types of specific beta glucans, the most essential effect of Turkey Tail is to help with the treatment of cancerous diseases (as well as in case of most other medicinal mushrooms). From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine , cancer is just an imbalance of the organism. For example in Korea, Turkey Tail is a complement to medical treatment in case of 70% of all patients with cancer.

Ideal composition, optimal strength and effectiveness

While in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Turkey Tail which grows almost anywhere in the world, has been used for centuries, it has also been known in traditional medicine in Southern America. Its use as a medicinal mushroom in Europe is still in its infancy. 

Thanks to biofermentation and subsequent processing with the method of hot-water extraction , we offer high-quality extract from Turkey Tail in the ideal active substances ratio for the best results:

  • minimum 50% Beta-D-Glucans

Health benefits tested and proven:

  • complementary therapy for cancer and cancer prevention + any mushrooms, according to the tumor type
  • improving the tolerability of chemotherapy and radiotherapy – strengthening of the immune system + Reishi
  • support for liver disorders + Reishi
  • strengthening the body's defense system, especially against viral and bacterial diseases+ Cordyceps, Reishi
  • antifungal effect
  • for fatigue + Reishi, Cordyceps
  • during an attack by parasites and pathogens of any type
  • to promote regeneration of mucous membranes (sinusitis, chronic urological inflammations) + Cordyceps
  • to reduce undesirable effects of vaccination
  • before or after surgery

Other health benefits of Turkey Tail:

protects and regenerates mucous membranes, urinary tract infections, papillomavirus infections, chlamydia, viral infections (cold sores, flu, warts), mycosis (candida), tinnitus, oedema, sinusitis, inflammation of the intestines and stomach, the basis for a good pregnancy (+ Cordyceps), hepatoprotective effects, hepatitis, cirrhosis, joint inflammation, melanoma, nephritis, tumorous diseases under the navel, lymphoma, leukemia, uterine cancer, breast, stomach, lung and large intestine cancer, acute sinusitis, supportive treatment for HIV, fatigue states, upper respiratory tract infection, herpes (cold sores), mononucleosis, autoimmune problems, insect bites (externally with vinegar), acute bronchitis, all-year long allergic rhinitis


  • for health problems: 1–5 grams per day (we recommend consulting your doctor or Chinese medicine practitioner)
  • for preventive use: 500mg-1 gram per day 
  • we recommend using it for 5 days a week and then skipping 2 days
  • take the Lion’s Mane powder on an empty stomach (at least 30 minutes before meals or 60 minutes after meals). Mix it in water, coffee, tea (cold or warm) or smoothie. Let it dissolve for 15-30 minutes
  • when using medicinal mushrooms, we recommend increasing the intake of vitamin C, which increases the absorption of active substances


Warning: The product is not intended for children under 3 years of age, for pregnant women or breast-feeding women. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage. Keep out of reach of children. The product is not intended to replace a varied and balanced diet. It doesn’t contain any ephedrine, caffeine, gluten, preservatives, dyes or sugar.

Products on this site are dietary supplements. These products are not medicines and they can’t be used to replace prescription drugs.




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